So you are thinking of appointing your estate agent, what are the key elements you are looking for in your agent? We think we have got these covered for you. You are looking for the agent that gives you the highest profile, you want your property to be noticed so you want the best platform, the best position in the high street. You want your property to look its absolute best with superb photography and you need to know you have got a great online presence and be seen on the best website. You want to know your agent cares and will go the extra mile for you and offer you great service with a thoughtful and understanding team working for you.

Moore Homes can deliver this for you. Our job is to get the best price for your home in the market in a timescale to suit you.


Great photography is essential. We are told that the majority of property search online is now done using hand held devices, so that's smartphones, these huge phones we all lug round using the apps and also tablets, iPads and the like. So more than ever great photos are so important, we will make sure we capture the best images of your home. We use digital SLR cameras and wide angle lenses with images being treated using image software to make sure we get it absolutely right. As the old cliché goes, you get one chance to make a first impression! It's so true where your property images are concerned, you don't want to lose somebody's potential interest in your home within a few swipes of an index finger.


Of course, you must do your bit too. We've all done it, a property catches your eye, its either been a call from my office to say a property is coming on the market or there is a new price, or there has been an email alert. The first thing you do is swing by on your next journey, you slow down on the way past or you pull up and have a good look… "Can I imagine living here…?" That's what people are thinking.

So again, its first impressions; that mowed front lawn, or weeded path, the bins put away neatly, that cleaned or if necessary freshly painted front door or garage door. However, all properties are different so we appreciate there will be different challenges for individual properties, from the stunning show house to the homes where a generation or two has passed and maintenance has been less of a priority in recent years.

We are here to guide you, certainly when we appraise your home and particularly when preparing the property for marketing and photos, we will be able to advise you and help you through this aspect of the sale. If ever you have any questions relating to this we will always be happy to advise.


Of course, our accurate floorplans are essential. We have access to full floorplan software and use the agency standard for our plans. 2D and 3D plans are available. However our present favoured 2D floorplans have come about through positive customer feedback. When the technology changes or becomes more accessible we tend to all rush in, and this was the case with 3D plans. Some years back now when these became available most agents adopted 3D plans, some still do but our feedback consistently was that they weren't as clear online and we reverted back to 2D. This was also the case with coloured plans but again our experience has been customers prefer black and white for clarity.


How times have changed, its not that many years ago now when these were the absolute essential piece of kit to get your home sold, not quite so much now though. If you think back, quite a lot of those on offer were absolutely dreadful too. That said, our property brochures are fab. Whilst lots of people these days prefer to look on a screen rather than paper or card, we have worked hard to create nice clean designs now to showcase your home. Its more about clean images and a good clear floorplan and some concise points about the property and we think we've nailed it.

We do offer for our Prestige Homes some lovely booklet style brochures where the property may demand that level of marketing, however in the main our A4 and A3 brochures get really positive feedback.


It's absolutely essential we get this element of your marketing right for you and are delighted with the design created for and hope you find it good to use too, the traffic though our company website is huge and such an important tool for your sale. The number 1 property website though and consistently in the top 10 most visited websites in the UK for as long as we can probably remember is You will enjoy the highest profile with and we have invested considerably for 2020 in the latest products to gain the best platform for you and create the highest number of leads for your property. Amongst other banners and products, including for some properties, 'Premium Listing' for your home and for all, the latest 'Auto Feature Re Sale' an algorithm based element which will always guide any of your potential profile buyers looking to their most relevant search property in blue at the top of their search, clever stuff! We've got you covered. We're not just online though, we're on the high street too…


As mentioned elsewhere we were thrilled at the beginning of 2018 to secure what we believe is without doubt, the best high profile position of any High Street estate agency branch in the area. The power this gives us as a Sales and Lettings platform is enormous. We simply cannot be missed, or ignored for that matter and in instructing us to sell your home you are ensuring that you will be giving yourselves the highest profile position to market your home. With Poynton as our base as well, it is a really friendly village with a great deal of the hubbub of the village flowing down Park Lane, its an incredibly busy office for footfall with locals, customers and clients alike calling in. Pop in and see us anytime.


Our state of the art software system helps us run the business and communicate efficiently with our everchanging database. Our database of buyers and sellers is like a living thing and changes every day. It is continually updated pretty much every hour and every day we are open, this connects with our VoIP telephone system and Outlook email system keeping us one step ahead and working smart. For example, just literally the moment a property is made available, all registered buyers with the relevant criteria are contacted immediately, this ability to interact instantly with the database is key.


Ours is a People business first and last and we are really lucky to have a super group of people working at the Poynton office. For all of the above it is our ability to constantly build relationships and communicate effectively with people that keeps us on top. We offer a great blend of age and experience with super local knowledge and have a lovely friendly approach. Do call in and see us.

What follows on from this is our desire to strive to always provide EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE and great feedback for our clients, this is simply absolutely key for us. We understand that for most of us, moving home can be one of biggest events in our lives and also sometimes the most stressful for some and we are here to try and simply this process and guide you through it.


Don't just take our word for it though, read some of our reviews on the site or check us out on Google.


These accounts are useful for seeing what we are upto and keeping upto date with what's going on, but of key importance they also help extend your marketing reach too. Particularly with Facebook Marketplace, check out our Facebook account and we are also on Twitter and Instagram.


Our distinctive marketing, colour scheme and brand have been designed to capture people's eye and stand out in the crowd. We have carefully chosen our colour scheme to be visible all year round, we are conscious some of the colour scheme's chosen by agents can be prone to disappear in either the summer or winter depending upon the colour scheme. We have gone with strong vibrant colours which we feel will portray a positive image and a recognisable brand all designed to funnel attention towards your home.

We continue to work with a brilliant creative marketing company who will help us create great images as we move forward and keep us at the forefront of buyer's minds. Watch this space.


Our opening hours are there to suit our clients and customers alike and give easy access to our branch, staff and properties at a time to suit you. Having monitored our hours over recent years and months and particularly in 2020, our opening hours have been reviewed to reflect modern visitor patterns in our experience. We have spent years very proudly being open the longest hours of all agents! For a long time we were open 8am until 8pm through the week, Friday evening was particularly popular with the team as you will imagine, but it is just something that we always did, although latterly until 7pm. However, my experience over a very long period has been overall people have stopped coming into the offices after 5:30 and particularly not ever on a Friday evening. I suppose people have different things on their mind on Friday nights. Sundays too, have been a revelation having monitored it, it used to be one of our busier days, we were open most of the day for a long period, however this just hasn't been rewarded for quite a while now with visitor numbers. So we have tailored our hours to reflect this change in behaviour. That said, when we are busy the team work way and beyond the office hours and as with any small business we are super flexible and work to the business. Our Poynton office is presently open as below and we hope to see you soon.

Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm
Saturday 9am to 4:30pm
Sunday closed